Ski & heliski trips
Starting from 9700€

Mineral and wild, Greenland brings together the ocean and the mountains in a unique encounter.
Skiing in Greenland means finishing your runs with your skis in the water and skiing in the light of the midnight sun until your legs are no longer able to support you. Greenland also means embarking on an adventure out of time and skiing powder and spring snow. A breathtaking journey in which the beauty of the sites joins forces with a variety of pleasures.


Around Maniitsoq you will ski the Wild West coast of Greenland with 2000 meter runs from summit to sea just south of the Arctic Circle where the sun is up for 18-20 hours a day.
The easiest transfer by far is via Copenhagen. From there it is a 4 and half hour Airbus flight to the International Airport at Kangerlussuaaq, followed by a short turbo-prop flight to Maniitsoq. We depart Copenhagen on the Monday morning (9am) and will be in Maniitsoq early afternoon. From Maniitsoq airport we either connect via helicopter to our heli-base or via boat if weather restricts flying. The following Monday, after a night in the hotel in Maniitsoq, we retrace our steps and arrive back in Copenhagen around 7pm.

  • Your own private helicopter B2 with 8 hours of helitimes for a maximum of 8 guest
  • 7 days in full boards accommodation in Maniitsoq hotels 3*
  • 1 guides for 4 guests or 2 guides for 8 guests
  • Transfers to Maniitsoq