Heliskiing Kamchatka – Russia


In the east of Russia, the volcanic Kamchatka Peninsula (also spelled Kamtchatka) is a magical place for heli-skiing. The highest volcano of the Kamchatka mountains is the Klioutchevskoï and culminates at 4,850 meters.

Heavy snowfall, descents into still active volcanoes and runs with a view of the Pacific Ocean ending on the beach will be your “daily routine” throughout your stay. From your arrival to Russia to your trip back, you will spend memorable days in one of the best heliski spots of the world. Do not hesitate over contacting us for the organization of your trip to Russia and your heli ski program.

Heli-skiing is a must for skiing in Kamchatka, a new frontier for free ride enthusiasts. This mountain destination remains one of the wildest and most remote on the planet, and helicopters are the best way to reach the peaks. With an average number of 10 drops per day accompanied by our guides, our heliskiing operations ensure a unique experience, unparalleled skiing pleasure and a freedom of exploration rarely achieved, whatever your level of skiing


Heliskiing Kamchatka-Russia

February - March - April

Getting to Kamchatka is much easier than you think. You will arrive at your destination and be on our heliskiing grounds much faster than most Canadian lodges.
1/ Flights European capitals – Moscou (4 hours)
2/ 2-hour stopover in Moscow (Russia)
3/ Moscou – Pertropavlovsk Kamchatka (10 hours)
4/ Transfer by van from the airport to the lodge (45 min)

45-minute drive north of Petropavlovsk airport, Valley Lodge is a unique resort in the Kamchatka Peninsula.
The hotel is nestled in a valley surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and volcanoes in this region of Russia. You will find all the modern comfort on site and you will appreciate in the best conditions the charm of the different buildings that make up the estate.
The hotel is your starting point for exploring Kamchatka. Helicopters are parked at the foot of your room window, so that you can be dropped off many times a day during your stay. This incredible adventure starts at the doorstep of your accommodation for a total immersion in the mountains and the landscapes of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

  • 9-hour flight in Mi8 helicopter
  • 1 guide for a group of 5 people
  • 3 groups of 5 people / helicopter
  • Loan of safety equipment (ABS bag, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe)
  • 7 nights in double rooms at Valley Lodge Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transfers to and from the airport

Price: 5,800€ / person

  • 12-hour flight in EC 145
  • 1 guide for 6 people
  • 2 groups of 6 people / helicopter / 2 rotations
  • 7 nights in double rooms at Valley Lodge
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Loan of safety equipment (Abs bag, avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe)

Price : 6,800€ / Person

Classic and Semi-private package
On arrival at Petropavlovsk airport, you will be picked up by our team for a taxi transfer to the lodge (45min drive).
Safety briefing and presentation of the week.
From Monday to friday
From 9am to 4pm, the days will be entirely dedicated to heliskiing.
Breakfast and dinner will be taken at the lodge. A picnic will be offered during the ski days. In case of impossibility of flight, the lunch will be taken at the lodge.
Transfer to Petropavlovsk airport
Return flight

  • Exceptional skiing and snow –
  • Powder snow, descents inside the volcanoes, vertical drops of over 2,000 m, end of runs in beachs.
  • Great freedom of exploration and unique landscapes.
  • Quality lodge in the heart of the mountains with an outdoor pool fed by volcanic hot springs.
  • Unbeatable prices