Heliskiing Chile


Mountains as far as the eyes can see, powder snow in August, runs more than 2,000 vertical meters and the distractions of an international capital nearby. Enjoy a unique experience by taking off from the roof of a building and exploring one of the final frontiers of heliskiing. An ultimate experience to be repeated every summer.

Andes heliskiing

Starting from 8900€

From July to september

During your stay, you will be able to recharge your batteries in a 5-star lodge, take advantage of the hot water springs at the foot of the slopes and discover a new spot every day. A novel heliski operation in which freedom, exploration and ski areas are not subject to any restrictions other than your safety.


W hotel 5 * in Santiago our “base camp” during your arrival and departure from Chile. Located just 5 minutes from the Titanium helipad, this luxury hotel will satisfy all your needs.

Puma Lodge is an exclusive accommodation. huge Living area and luxury en suite rooms, the lodge is located in the heart of the Andes, but most of all, just 3 min from the most amazing heliski runs in Chile.

Valle Nevado hotel is the famous accommodation of the eponymous ski resort. At the foot of groomed slopes, it will be a perfect base for beginning or end of stay. Another advantage is that if you are traveling with people who are interested in traditionnal alpine skiing, the secured slopes are at the bottom of hotel.

Custom trips

In Chile, everything is possible. Not only because the country is vast and heliskiing is only just being introduced, but because the capital and the internationally famous ski resorts all lie within a limited perimeter. Savour the joys of powder and enjoy the comfort and activities of a major city. Or, decide to combine heliskiing and skiing and nothing more with a stay at the Valle Nevado hotel. Also, they will exceed your desires for adventure and exploration.

Why chose this trip

  • No limit to exploration
  • Quality of snowpack
  • Santiago entertainment
  • Enjoy powder snow in August